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Cybersecurity Risks in the Digital Era

In the last decade we have seen a huge increase in the use of the Internet around the world and now almost every company has an online presence. The dramatic increase in domestic and business users has made the digital world more complex and as a result, security risks have become more common and sophisticated.

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Ransomware: What it is and how to stay safe?

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious software that encrypts data on a computer in order to extort money from the user before giving access to it. Once a workstation or server is infected, the workstation connects to a control server in the cloud to receive an encryption key that will be used to encrypt the data it will find on its way.

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7 Signs You Have a Great Medical Billing Process

When it comes to the medical billing, the income of your practice requires you to have the right processes in place. Even if one aspect of this procedure is off, it can greatly affect your revenues. Here are the 7 best signs to determine you have a great medical billing process.

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What HIPAA Says About Texting Patients

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is best known for the Privacy Rule, which applies to individual health care info in all forms, whether oral, paper, or electronic. HIPAA was made a rule in 1996, the drafters never considered how future technology would influence the way providers to communicate with their patients. Such as technology progressive, it was essential for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to adjust as well.

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Medical Billing Questions Every Professional Should Know

Medical billing activities are an important part of a healthcare facility’s daily work. It should always go as planned. However, we all know that medical billing is a complicated procedure, and often things do not go the way you would like them to. This can increase the cost and time of the claim’s filing procedure. There are several steps to take between the first claim submission and final payment posting. In order to ensure your medical billing process is flawless, you need to first know what additional steps might require being taken when things don’t go according to plan. We have put together this list of the medical billing questions every professional should know to in order to do the task successfully.

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How Do I Spot Medical Billing Errors?

Medical billing errors:

They are maybe more common than you think, and they could be costing you cash. In reality, thousands of Americans could be overpricing on their medical bills because of common errors. To help save your wallet, you should bring a healthy skepticism to any medical bill you receive by cautiously checking for common errors to make sure you are paying the right amount.

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A professional who works with medical office and is in charge of medical billing is called a medical billing specialist. The demand of medical specialists is increasing day by day with the rapid growth of the medical field. Such a specialist uses efficient techniques to make sure the claiming and collection process works smoothly.

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The need to get secondary medical specialist in order to perform tasks that were secondary to the primary medical tasks was the reason medical billing outsourcing was initiated. The primary medical tasks would be performed and managed by medical specialists that work at hospitals, clinics and nursing homes etc. While the billing system would be managed by the secondary specialists. Today outsourcing of electronic medical billing has been widely implemented in the medical world. This has been creating more business opportunities for the professionals of medical billing who want to create their own business that will provide the service of medical billing to those who require it.

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Converting a medical narrative into a series of codes which are standard and alpha numeric is the process called medical coding. All the medical information that is related with healthcare processes are converted into code in an accurate and detailed manner, this helps in delivering high quality healthcare to the patients. Coding also aids researchers as the information is arranged and can then be helpful in deriving new things and utilized in planning. Medical Coding is also known as clinical coding, healthcare coding and diagnostic coding in some jurisdictions.

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Pros and Cons of Medical Billing Companies

Precision7 Inc. is one of the top medical billing companies in the US, the company has over a decade of cumulative experience in various aspects of the healthcare industry.For those who are interested in buying a new medical billing software system, they most definitely have thought about an online medical billing software solution. All these solutions have grown to be more and more popular since conventional customer server application developed into 100% internet based solutions. Before selecting a complete online billing or practice management solution you have to think of the pros and cons. You are actually choosing a platform that the primary objective of your practice depends on cash flow. In this post we are going to review the pros and cons of web based healthcare billing solutions.

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