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As human resource consultants, we carry out a comprehensive work. After a functional analysis, we design a customized project for each client, in which we establish and execute the strategies that ensure its’ implementation and the sustainability of the results. With extensive experience in HR outsourcing, we have demonstrated that our processes, technologies, experiences, knowledge, people and best practices are truly very effective.

Our comprehensive talent assessment model measures the competence and behavior of both current talent and prospects of your company, in order to structure its development and predict its’ performance with precision.

This solution significantly enhances the ability to value the skills of your employees and align that potential with the strategic goals of the organization. Your booming business requires a global vision that Precision7 can provide. Always closer to management committees, our HR recommendations weigh heavily when it comes to guiding the company’s decisions and long-term planning, which therefore require strong indicators.

Precision7, in many ways, allow your company to overcome daily blockages and optimize practices to gain the strategic vision necessary to control all these resources. Our HR services can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs. We offer a practical suite of service options based on a full-service approach including organizational assessments, application of recommendations and ongoing access to standalone project work.

We analyze, determine and implement strategies in order to help you keep your costs within acceptable limits and receive high-quality support. We can create strategic programs or simply offer just-in-time services wherever and whenever you want.

With our comprehensive service approach, you have continuous access to an HR professional for any situation and for as long as you want. We become an extension of your organization, providing HR management services tailored to your company’s unique needs and applying priorities carefully. We offer comprehensive HR analysis, implementation of projects related to all HR services, and ongoing advice and consultation on business issues.  This service is extremely useful and affordable. Not only does it provide many cost-saving measures, but it is also fully flexible to meet your unique HR needs.

We provide a full range of HR services, including:

  • Human Resources Analysis
  • Policies and practices
  • Health and security
  • Training
  • Management and performance evaluations
  • Issues and standards related to employees
  • Discipline and conflict resolution
  • Termination Policies and Procedures
  • Employment Equity
  • Job Analysis and Job Description
  • External replacement
  • Strategies for labor costs
  • Recognition and employee participation
  • Professional relationships
  • communications
  • Recruitment and hiring


Outsourcing payroll and HR management is a source of added value for companies. It contributes to the creation of added value for the company? because the company now has only its core business to take care of.

Outsource the administration of your payroll to Precision7. We are well aware of the concerns of small businesses or small and large-scale organizations. We offer the convenience of delegating the processes and operations of payroll. We provide you the security and confidence that will be carried out in an optimal way. We can help you reduce the costs associated with the function.


We can help you skillfully combine human resource and technology to better serve your customers. From long manual processes to robust automated management, we advise you on the path to intelligent automation of your processes and help you implement and use your new technologies.

Through the optimization of recruitment, integration, professional development and payroll management, Precision7 has the objective of changing your business with tangible results.